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Positive Change Through Hypnosis

hypnotherapy for confidence in public speakingAt heart, hypnotherapy is a powerful and graceful tool for creating a joyous, vibrant life by changing the way we think.  After all, our thoughts create our lives. 

Few people realize that the foundation of hypnosis is love, which is certainly the most profoundly motivating force for change in life.

Change is always a matter of choice.  We can continue to think as we have in the past, and our lives will continue to follow the same patterns, yielding the same results.  Or we can take control of our thoughts, forging positive, loving, limitless patterns, and our lives can be transformed.  Not merely in our minds... in reality!  We become our potential.  Our relationships, careers, health, self-esteem all blossom.

hypnotherapy and hypnosis for confidence in business and public speakingYou will find the hypnosis experience to be like a warm spring breeze. New perspective, new dreams, hopes, and promise emerge. In hypnosis, although you are completely aware and in control, you feel wrapped in beauty; you feel finally home; you feel loved... and worthy of love. Invariably, hypnosis is so very lovely, that people don't want it to end!

Most are astounded to discover so much beauty, wisdom, and courage WITHIN themselves!

hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety, depression, and fear Looking at your life with the eyes of your Higher Self is, indeed, a heartwarming and inspiring adventure. It can open you to love of self, love of life, and love of the glorious and beautiful mystery of being divinely human.

Hypnosis offers you the opportunity to see yourself and your life in a new way... and to embrace ever more positive ways of thinking.

HOW TO CREATE A LUMINOUS LIFE?  YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN YOU!  Hypnosis is NOT mind control; it is a graceful tool to help you to tap your limitless resources within!


ImageIn hypnotherapy:

 - Fears and phobias can be abandoned. 

 - Loss, despair, and anguish can be replaced by hope, delight, and positive action. 

 - Stones of weight can be shed forever. 

 - Motivation can be enhanced. 

 - Direction can be clarified. 

 - Addictions can be released. 

 - Stress can be converted into a creative force. 

 - Confidence and self-esteem can become second nature. 

 - Beautiful and inspiring relationships can replace outgrown, toxic ones. 

 - Life can become an adventure abundant with possibility and love.


ImageSusan Dunlop, MA, CHt. is an internationally certified consulting hypnotist trained in the United States by the American Academy of Hypnotherapy, the nation's foremost hypnotherapy institute.  She holds a Master's Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada and is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (U.K.), the National Guild of Hypnotists (U.S.), the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.  Susan adheres to the strict code of ethics specified by the above professional organizations.  Her practice, A LUMINOUS LIFE HYPNOTHERAPY, has recently relocated from England to East Hill in Pensacola, Florida.

For a free initial telephone consultation or further information, call Susan at A LUMINOUS LIFE HYPNOTHERAPY 850-346-7865 or email Susan at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

“Susan, this picture portrays what you do for people, what you’ve done for me.  You sow seeds into peoples’ lives and then water them.  You give of your love and your energy and flood us with illumination.  You cause the hard casing of the seed to split and encourage the new life to grow strong and tall.  I am reaching for the sunlight.  Thank you, Susan for all that you have done for me.  I am in such a good place now.”  CC, York



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